Addiction Cure

While writing Journey of a Prophet, I would often run into things Yeshua said about his life experience that challenged what I thought I knew of the world. One of those is his account of the healer being able to not only guide a person through opiate addiction withdrawal, but also to take away the desire for the substance. I took on faith Yeshua’s account from his memory, but I thought it odd that if a healer could do that 2000 years ago, why couldn’t we do that today? What knowledge has been lost to us?


Then, a few days ago, a friend of mine whose child is suffering from alcohol addiction, told me about a clinic in Mexico that uses a natural substance from Africa called iboga. I am not advocating the use of any mind-altering substance, however, the anecdotal evidence is that this substance, administered in a clinical setting, will reset the body to be as if the person had never been addicted. Apparently, it’s used in Mexico, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, and Europe for that very purpose. Most importantly to this story is that iboga reportedly works best with opiate addiction, the exact substance written about in Journey of a Prophet.

(You can read more about iboga here.)

Iboga is a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the USA.


It seems to me that if there is one substance and protocol in the world that can do that, there may be others. Either this is the substance the healer in Journey of a Prophet used, or something like it to accomplish the same end, a complete reset of the body back to the pre-addicted state.

Once again, my faith in Yeshua’s words of his life experience proves to be well placed and borne out in our times.