Here’s what some readers have said:

Kirkus Reviews:

“Lavishly detailed narrative … A superb ear for dialogue and a sense of pacing that’s sure-footed … A magical, passionate version of the life of Jesus, unlike anything taught in Sunday school.”


Barbara Wexler, Epidemiologist and author of Health and Wellness: Illness Among Americans and Growing Old in America:

“The book is riveting! I don’t want to put it down, but I have to force myself in order to get any work done at all … I’ve never learned as much about this legendary man as I did from this book. There are only superlatives to describe Journey of a Prophet and the messages it conveys!”


Karey Keith, Soul Coach and Reiki Master:

Journey of a Prophet healed my soul. I felt as if I were living this legacy with them … I didn’t go to work today so I could stay curled up with this story, I couldn’t stop reading! Yeshua lives and heals us with these words and insights.”


Jill Jackson Carr, Philanthropist:

“I just couldn’t get enough and read it rather quickly … I would love to talk about it for hours! I am not sure the mainstream is ready for it, but I think it is important that it get out there.”


Gina Bartiromo, Yoga Instructor and Certified Life Coach:

“This book needs to be read by everyone. The profound insights are life affirming. Growing up as a Catholic, this view of Yeshua’s life has completely transformed how I hold this powerful and empowering man. I am astounded! My heart has opened to a deeper level of love, connected to him in a touchable, human way.”


Connie Nash, Spiritual Teacher & Healer for Empaths:
Journey of a Prophet had me on the very first page! I was drawn in immediately to the poetic writing that brilliantly captures the essence of Yeshua, the life most don’t really know about. This book is genius, magnificent and will take you on a beautiful emotional journey you won’t want to end…”