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joap-bookcover-for-preview-videoJourney of a Prophet: Jesus Tells His Story is the explosive, first-person account of the first forty years of Jesus’ life that reads like a riveting adventure novel. Known here by his Hebrew name, Yeshua, this is his journey as revealed to Kaarin Alisa through her life-long conversations with him. It is the first book to present the deep humanity and passion of Yeshua’s life from his singular point of view. Yeshua lived in turbulent times and enemies stalked him from the day he was born. You have the opportunity to relinquish what you think you know about this man in favor of a richer, more compelling truth.

This is Yeshua’s life as he recalls it, without the shroud of religious constructs, popular myth, or dogma overshadowing his truth. The narrative sets the record straight about who he is, how he lived, why he did what he did, and what he is doing today.

The stories contain layers of meaning that impel Yeshua’s unique perspective and teachings into greater clarity than ever before. Readers gain a deeper understanding of exactly which thoughts, attitudes, and actions Yeshua suggests to propel one’s life toward healing, love, and cohesiveness.

Yeshua will also invite you to accept a direct, one-on-one relationship with him. He offers himself not as a savior; rather, he assures us, we are divine beings too, and he promises to reveal to you how it feels to be loved beyond measure.


Discover more about Yeshua in the full book!

Journey of a Prophet will illuminate Yeshua’s life as told from his own memory and answer many often-asked questions, such as:


  • Was Mary a virgin when Yeshua was conceived?
  • Did Yeshua have “otherworldly” help?
  • Where did Yeshua go and what did he do in the “missing years?”
  • Did Yeshua study religions other than Judaism?
  • What were the roles of Yeshua’s siblings?
  • Was Yeshua married? And did he have children?
  • What was the role of Miriam of Magdala (aka: Mary Magdalene?)
  • Did John the Baptist baptize Yeshua at the river Jordan?
  • Did Yeshua perform miracles such as healing the sick and raising the dead?
  • Was Judas a traitor?
  • How did Pilate feel about Yeshua?
  • Did Yeshua die on the cross?
  • Did Yeshua rise from the dead?
  • What is Yeshua’s mission and how does it relate to us?

And much, much more…


Below are a few short paragraphs excerpted from the book:

“We wrapped ourselves around the tree trunks, and while holding on for our lives, a roaring wall of mud and debris-laden water hit. It was frightening. The water nearly engulfed us. I was my height times two up the tree and the water hit above my knees. It sped by us with unexpected strength and made the trees bow … As far as I could see in every direction, there was only water where there was nothing but ground a few minutes before.”widget

“When we arrived at the temple, the monks welcomed us warmly and gave us beds. They appreciated our willingness to join in prayers and otherwise respected my need for isolation. But I could not let go of Seleya. Unruly thoughts punctuated my meditations. Grief sat beside me at meals. And when I undressed for morning baptism, I always saw her face in the mirrored, cold waters of the Himalayas.”widget

“I fell back into the mud and tears began flowing down my face. This was no crying as I had ever engaged in before; it came from a pain so deep I had no precedent to understand it. My body was still and I made no sound, just tears copious and virulent streaming from my eyes. As the salty taste of my tears washed across my lips, so did the acrid taste of blood flowing from the wound on my head. My only thought was, ‘Is this the taste of death?'”widget

“I reminded myself, that while Judas was a loyal member of my circle, he was also a Zealot. His way was not the way of peace. I trusted him with my life, but I also knew he participated in violent activities. I decided early on in our relationship to accept him as he presented himself and let the rest remain. It is fair to say that I deeply loved Judas. I still do.”